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We are the Digital Version of India 24 Renaissance News team and working 24*7 for the unbiased and transparent news coverage without fear and favour. We are the torch-bearer of Truth and Justice in terms of the content and materials.

प्रदीप्तो पुनः “Let Us Reignite Minds” is our motto, inspiration, guide-lamp and preamble. We are here forever irrespective of any challenge and misfortune in coming our way.

This website is bilingual in English and Hindi. News Coverage and Publications in other languages may be considered in coming time.
We cater a wide range of news lovers. We firmly believe in scientific temperament and are committed for human values.

We are young but ignited minds, energetic and enthusiast team comprising writers from different areas, domains and backgrounds.

India 24 Renaissance is not only a news website but also an eternal movement against all kinds of mis-informations, social evils etc. India 24 Renaissance team is firmly dedicated for the integrity of the content at any cost. We cover a wide spectrum of topics/sections inter-alia local news, Science, Arts, Sports, Culture, Entertainment etc.

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