An all-women scooter rally to create awareness on the importance of wearing helmets

Bhubaneswar: An all-women scooter rally was organised on the occasion of 32nd National Road Safety Month in Odisha Capital to create awareness on the importance of wearing helmets by pillion riders.

The drive was aimed to spread vital information on the importance of wearing helmets.

It was one of the unique initiatives to aware the bike riders for the safety of drivers as well as the pillion.

One of the participants, a women constable said that “By wearing a helmet, severe accidents & on the spot deaths can be avoided.”

It is to be noted that non usage of safety devices like helmets and seatbelts do not cause accidents but are very critical for averting fatal and grievous injuries in case of road accidents.

As per the annual reports by the Ministry of Road and Transport in the year 2019-2020, due to non wearing of helmets, total 44,666 fatalities reported and which is 29.82 percent of total deaths due to Road Accidents.


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