Nitish should declare Tejaswi as CM amid tension in NDA government in Bihar : Uday Narayan Chaudhary

RJD’s senior leader Sri Uday Narayan Chaudhary claimed that BJP wants to reduce small partner parties into rubble and hence they are a threat to their very existence.

”BJP wants either small partners to be merged in them or keep away from the affair in helm of the alliance government where NDA has majority”, alleged Mr Chaudhary. He cited that one of the oldest partner Akali Dal has left BJP led NDA amid farmer protest across the country against three farm laws brought by BJP. He further added that BJP’s partner RLP also has left NDA in the middle of stream due to their selfish attitude.

In reference to Six(6) MLA of JDU in Arunachal Pradesh, who have recently joined BJP, former Speaker of Bihar legislative assembly taunted that Nitish Kumar led JDU will be having the same fate as other partners had in recent times.

He further claimed that there is clear indication of Shri Chirag Paswan to join the central cabinet to further weaken the position of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in NDA. JDU held Lok Janshakti party chief, Chirag Paswan responsible for their debacle in the recently concluded assembly election in Bihar.

This is high time for Honourable CM Nitish Kumar to join the wandbagon of Grand Alliance and declare RJD leader Shri Tejaswi Yadav as Chief Minister of Bihar. The Bihar CM, Shri Nitish Kumar should come into the central politics and lead the opposition against BJP led NDA Government’s insensible and unjust policy to the downtrodden and backward classes.


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