It’s quite apparent that after half a decade since 1975 tragiked flood, the Bihar Government and Patna Administration never learnt a lesson from its own grim past. So much technical advancement, NDRF assistance seems to be little helpful to the flood ravaged Bihar, especially Patna. Our central government and other parts of the country are showing apathy and hence no abundant helps pours in Bihar in comparison to natural calamities hit Orissa.

It’s not that flood is a new jargon in Bihar. Once the capital of Mauryan Empire then Patliputra was known for its planned architecture and well constructed drainage systems.
40 casualties, thousands homeless, no electricity,scarcity of food, medicine and drinking water only adds grief to the already poor Biharis. Only few years back, North Bihar faced deadly flood situation due to Koshi and its tributaries, which has no impact on the preparedness of pre-Monsoon strategies of Local administration and state machineries. Haphazard development of Bihar capital due to greed and rat race to settle in the capital city has left little scope for the recharge and fast absorption of flood waters in the ponds and vacant damped areas.

The Triple Engine Government failed miserably to tackle the flood effectively.The central government does not taken the pain to declare the flood as national calamities .Our honorable PM does not bother to visit the affected place and asses the grim ground realities due to health grounds. The Patna Municipality is struggling to get its canals, sewage map for the proper eviction of water The imported mega pumps from neighbourhood state Chhattisgarh are still struggling to fit in the sump house.The government and opposition are busy in mud slinging on each other. Even coalition partner BJP is not sparing and ferociously attacking the Nitish led JDU government for not dealing the flood situations properly.

Since 28th September, the continuous rain does not even spare the deputy chief minister, who is residing in Rajendra Nagar Area to save his life and belongings and come on the streets.The present government seems to have no clue, how to deal with the deluge situation in Rajendra Nagar, Kankarbagh, Nala Road, S K Puri, Bazar Samiti effectively.
The normal life is off the track. All schools are kept closed, several flights and trains were cancelled. Most of the markets in water logged areas are still dysfunctional. Thousands are already affected by Malaria, dengue, Chikungunya and water borne diseases. Approx 10000 people were rescued by the NDRF, as claimed by them. Two choppers are continuously working to distribute relief materials among flood victims. Thousand of voluntears and several NGOs are working tirelessly to provide solace to flood victims as much as possible.

The reputation of Bihar Government is already profoundly damaged. Victims are very much disappointed by the taller claim and actual ground realities. Water recedes in affected areas, not due to government efforts rather than naturally. Many manholes are dangerously opened under flood waters and Patna Municipality must take prompt and necessary action to avert accidents and save precious lives.

– Dinesh Kumar



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