Corona and Globalization

Lockdown has been imposed in most of the countries to control the spread of corona virus, newest in the line is India. As unusual conditions demand unusual measures, lockdown is the need of the hour. However, most of the countries are experiencing this kind of situation for the first time hence, they do not know how to respond. Both developed and developing countries have been caught unaware. But, it should be remembered that lockdown is once in a while device to control the spread of a pandemic. It should not become a geo-political policy of the future inter-state relationship.

After the abatement COVID-19 disaster, many countries will advocate the policy of de-globalization. Recently USA has withdrawn itself from many multilateral organization and groupings. Chances are high that many states will follow the suit. Now, they got a new weapon in their arsenal. Along with terrorism, pathogenic diseases having potential of COVID-19 or may be more than that, are solid cases for de-globalization, i.e to restrict free flow of people and trade. In short term,it will also seem probable and will have the full hearted support of the citizens. But it will have disastrous impact in the future.
The world in the 21st century is a global village. Every country is dependent on one or another for its survival and development. If this interconnectedness is broken down, the world will slow down its pace of development which will increase the global burden of poverty, disease and hunger particularly in the third world countries. Even if the world wants to corner China on the alleged cause of under-reporting and negligence of the spread of Corona virus, it needs an international organization to do that. Moreover, it is impossible for any country to develop and distribute the vaccine to cure corona on its own. It should also be remembered that this might be the beginning hence human race needs to be prepared to face any such challenge(s) in the future which is only possible through global cooperation and collaboration.
For the time being, people around the world should follow instructions given by the administration and cooperate to sail through these times. The sun will shine on us again and when that happens we should come out with our heart and soul joined with each other to embark upon the path of sustainable development.

Gaurav Pandey
Probationary Officer in State Bank of India

Authors Expressed view is Personal.


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