Rohini Godbole is awarded the Ordre National du Mérite, among the highest distinction bestowed by France

Science lovers in India have enough reason to celebrate achievements of  its scientist fraternity especially women. Rohini Godbole is an Indian particle physicist and a professor at  the Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has brought laurels to the country in a field which is male dominated .She is awarded the Ordre National du Mérite, among the highest distinctions bestowed by France.She has been recognised for contributions to collaborations between France & India and for her commitment in promoting enrolment of women in science.

She has strong faith in girls’ ability to excel in science and technology,if provided fair opportunities and proper nurturing environment to them.She edited the book Lilavati’s Daughters, a collection of biographical essays on women scientists from India with Ram Ramaswamy. 

She stressed the Government’s support in the creation of various fellowships in different walks of life.Her work on high energy photons could become a blueprint for the next generation of particle colliders, which is being used in extensive study of the composition of the Universe.

Apart from being an academician, Prof. Godbole is also a much sought-after public orator on science and technology.She  often used to mentor many young students, scholars and scientists about A to Z of physics. She is also the Chairperson of the ‘Panel for Women in Science’ initiative of the Indian Academy of Sciences.

The Indian particle scientist considers those women lucky, who are at the same time a good scientist, a mother, and look after the family.


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